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    How polite and professional was the person who took your call?

    How quickly was your non-emergency call returned?

    How quickly was your emergency call returned?

    Were you made to feel important?

    How efficient was our staff at getting to the root of your problem, taking down your information and getting you scheduled for service?

    Rate your impression when you opened the door to let our technician in and the minute following:

    Did our technician identify and introduce himself?

    Did our technician smile?

    Did our technician's appear professional and well kept?

    Rate your level of confidence in our technician's skills and ability based on what you observed in the first 5 – 15 minutes:

    How well did our technician perform the repair?

    Did you "feel" like you were in the hands of a professional?

    Did our technician leave a mess?

    Did our technician ask if you needed anything else and offer suggestions prior to beginning his paperwork?

    When you asked a question about work performed or billed, did our technician have the "heart of a teacher"?

    How likely would you be to ask for the same technician again?

    How likely are you to use our service again?

    How likely are you to recommend us to a close friend or family member?

    Comments, Critiques, Compliments / Testimonial:

    May we use your compliment / testimonial and name on the testimonial section on our website?

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